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It’s official!!

Hi, everyone! I am SO excited to finally be starting a blog! This is going to be a blast, I promise. So, I’ll start with a little background to get the ball rolling! As some of you may know, I was a police officer in Charlotte, NC for roughly 8.5 years and have been a work-at-home mom for the last [almost] three years. That makes me sound a lot older than I am. My popping hips and knees, my desire to fall asleep while watching C-Span and my affinity for fiber also make me sound a lot older than I am. In reality I’m 32 years old and I’m starting my first blog! “From Ma’am To Wahm” brings you from my former life as a cop (the Ma’am part) to my current life as a…well, you guessed it, “WAHM” (Work at home mom, for those of you who don’t habla hip lingo) I’ll be posting about everything from my precious, demon-spawn children, the crazy/wonderful dynamic between my husband and I (he’s still a cop…and sometimes I forget I’m not), my fitness lifestyle, my hypothyroidism and dietary changes and SO much more. You can laugh at my pain, empathize with my lack of sanity and maybe even learn something! This is guaranteed to be informative and will at the very least give you a good laugh. Looking forward to my first actual post!!

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